Full range of treatments

Many treatments available to help you achieve your perfect smile
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    General maintenance
    Regular care will help you to maintain your oral health. Your examination includes a jaw joint check, soft tissue check, tooth check and a gum health check. Your examination intervals are tailored to suit you as an individual.
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    Different filling materials may be used to fill a cavity. Options will be discussed and the most appropriate treatment for your situation will be recommended. Composite, amalgam (silver), gold and porcelain are examples.
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    Used to strengthen weakened teeth or to improve the appearance of your smile. These fit over your existing tooth or into the root with a post. There are different materials available to suit most budgets
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    A bridge is a similar concept to a crown and is used to replace missing teeth. It is cemented into the mouth over your existing teeth. It restores function and aesthetics to your smile
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    Periodontal treatment
    Periodontal treatment is the care of the supporting structure of the teeth- the gums and bone. Without good foundations your teeth may become loose. Treatments range from preventative maintenance to more extensive care.
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    Mainly used for cosmetic purposes, veneers are thin ceramic coatings cemented to the outer surfaces of your front teeth to improve colour, shape and overall appearance. They can be used to dramatically change your smile.
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    Crooked teeth can be realigned at any age and many adults choose to create the straight smile they have always wished for. Clear, comfortable, removable aligners gradually move your teeth into their ideal positon.
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    Facial Aesthetics
    The non-surgical way to improve your features using wrinkle relaxing injections and injectable non permanent fillers.
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    Tooth Whitening
    A popular treatment to effectively enhance your smile. Available as a home kit, your dentist will direct you on the safe use of the tooth whitening product.
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    Unfortunately, teeth can be lost at any age for a variety of reasons. Dentures may provide a solution to replace your missing teeth and are custom made to fit each individual.
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    Dental Implants
    We work closely with implantologists to replace your missing teeth.
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    Children are the future and good habits begin a lifetime of healthy mouths. We want your children to have a happy positive experience at our practice and look forward to educating and encouraging them to follow a healthy lifestyle.
Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Service
Our emergency service is available 9:00am-11:00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including Christmas day). For emergency treatment outside of general opening hours please call 0121 357 5000.
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